The leadership team of the DC Unity and Fellowship spans city and suburbs, women and men of all ages, and churches of different denominations. DC Unity and Justice Fellowship is focused on creating a visibly unified Church in Metro DC.


Since the DC Unity and Justice Fellowship started meeting in 2016 we have been working to bring visible unity to the Christian Churches in Metro DC. We have been working to model unconditional love to one another. In the past two years we have provided events that have challenged the local churches with how to overcome white supremacy and how to love our neighbors.  We have brought Ekemini Uwan and  Dr. Brenda Salter McNeil to DC to share how the Bible calls us to repent of our racism and love our neighbors. We have shown Get Out, 13th, and The Hate You Give followed by panel discussions about how to overcome racism. We sponsored a citywide conversation about immigration and how we can love our new neighbors.

These events have been designed to pull Christians out of our comfort zone.  We are asking Churches across Metro DC, “How do we love our actual neighbors? Especially people that look differently than I do?” We are confronting the failure of Church leadership  for not acting like Jesus. We need to Biblically attack the doctrine of white supremacy.